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Full text ofThe registers of Danby-in-Cleveland : 1585-1812

LIBRARY Brigham Young University GIFT OF Viola Bevans Wynder & Juliett Kearl Bevans Qi^A^ Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2010 with funding from Brigham Young University THE REGISTER DANBY- IN -CLEVELAND Co. YORK. .^00ue& to Subscribers \v THE YORKSHIRE PARISH REGISTER. SOCIETY. 1912. €\t Horksljte ^ara!) Eegtsttr Satietg. The Society was formed in 1899 for. the purpose of printing the older Registers of the County. Tlie following have been either issued or are in the press : 1899. 1, York-(St. Michael-le-Belfrey), Part I; 2, Burton Fleming ; 3, Horbury ; 4, Wi^iest.ead. 1900. 5, Linton-in-Craven, Part I ; 5, Stokesley ;:7, Patrington ; 8, Blacktoft and Scorborough. 1 90 1. 9, Bingley, Part I ; 10, Kippax ; 11, York (St. Michael-le- Belfrey), Part It. 1902. 12, Brantingham ; 13, Hampsthwaite ; 14, Wath.on- Dearne. 1903. 15, Cherry Burton; 16, Marske-in-Cleveland ; 17, Harts- head; 18; Linton-in-Craven, Part II. 1904. 19, Bolton-by-BoUand, Part I; 20, Pickhill ; 21, Howdcn, Part I. 1905. 22, Bolton-by-Bolland, Part 11 ; 23,Grinton; 24, Hdwden, P^rt II. 1906. 25, Hackness ; 26, Ledsham;. 27, Rothwell, Part 1. 1907. 28,Gargrave; 29, Terrington ; 30, Thornhill, Part I. 1908. 31, Allerton Mauleverer and Askham Richard; 32, ^ Howden, Part III ; 33, Otley, Part I. 1909. 34, Rothwell, Part. 11; 35, Kirklington ; 36, York (St. Martin, Coney, Street). 1910. 37, Halifax, Part I ; 38, Settrington ; 39, Austerfield and Cowthorpe. 1911. 40; Thornhill, Part tl ; 41, York (Holy Trinity, Goodram- gate) ; 42, Thirsk, Part I. 1912. 43, Danby; 44, Otley, Part II; 45, Halifax, Part II. 1913. Kildwick; Howden, Part IV; Darrington ; Garforth. Subscription, One Guinea per annum. President:,, Sir GEORGE J. ARMYTAGE,-Bart., F^S.A;; Hon. Treasurer : John.Audu.s Hirst, 4^South Barade, Lq^A%.\ Hon. Secretaries : Francis Collins, M.D.., St. Andrews, Lyme Regis, Dorset; G. D. Lumb, F.S.A., 63, Albion Street, Leeds, to whom applications for membership should be sent. It is very desirable ;,that new members should be constantly added to the Society, to make up loss by deaths, &c., and to increase the amount available for printing; members are specially requested to endeavour to obtain new members among their friends, and the Secretaries will be pleased to receive names of persons likely to join the Society. A few sets (about five) of the back publications can still be obtained on application to the Secretaries. Donations atjid legacies to the funds of the Society, and offers of donations towards the printing of any particular register, will be welcome. ^tUJM^^- ZTbe publications of ^be iporkabire parieb IRegister Society, VOL. XLIII. JssueD to Sub«crlbcts tor tbe i?eav 1912. tTbe IRcQisters 2)anb^ in Clevclanb 1585 to 1812. EDITED AND INDEXED BY F. COLLINS, M.D. TRANSCRIBED BY J. B. WALKER AND F. COLLINS. PRIVATELY PRINTED FOR THE YORKSHIRE PARISH REGISTER SOCIETY. 1912. PRINTED BY J. WHITEHEAD AND SON, ALFREIJ STREET, BOAK I.ANF, HAROLD B. ».X^ ?JSr^.AnY BRIQHAM VOyi.G UNIVERSITY PROVO, UTAH PREFACE. The parish of Danby has been so well described by the late Vicar, the Rev. Dr. J. C. Atkinson, in his most interesting volume, Forty Years in a Moorland Parish, that it is unnecessary to say more about it here. The Register commences in 1585. The first volume contains the marriages and burials at Danby from that date to the end of 1749, and the baptisms to the end of 1727, when there is a gap of seven years. They recommence in 1734, and ter- minate at the end of 1741. In the same volume are also to be found the baptisms conducted at Glaisdale from 1672 to 1727, which, from the latter date to the end of 1749, it has been possible to continue here, the information being supplied, chiefly, from scraps of paper which are kept in the Register Book. The second volume commences in 1750, and contains the Danby baptisms and burials to the end of 1783, and the Glais- dale baptisms to 1758. The Danby marriages are continued only as far as 1754, after which date they are to be found in two registers, printed specially according to Act of Parliament. The first of these terminates in 1794, and the second in 1812. The baptisms and burials are continued in a third (fifth ?) volume from 1784 to 1812. The Society is indebted to iMr. J. B. Walker, of Bagdale, Whitby, for transcribing the Register, vol. i, w^hich was revised by the editor, who is also responsible for copying the remainder of this issue. Thanks are due to the Rev. George Bird, Vicar of Danby, for permitting the Register to be copied for, and printed by, the Society. CONTENTS PAGES Baptisms, i 585-1 749 1-86 Marriages, i 585-1 749 87-115 Burials, 1585-1749 . 116-180 Baptisms, 1749- 1783 181-197 Marriages, 1750-1754 197-198 Burials, i 749-1 783 . 199-212 Marriages, 17 54- 181 2 213-243 Baptisms, 17 84-181 2* 244-263 Burials, 1784-1812 . 263-276 Index 277-323 THE REGISTER OF DANBY. i^omina Bapti^atorum marttorii[m] ct fepultorum infra Parocljiam ©e IBanbg, incipientta ab knno 1585. Baptisms 1585 Richus, Farewether filius Johis. Farew. ijdo die Aprilis Georgius Shepheard filius Johis. Shepheard vijmo die Aprilis. Margreta Agar filia Johis. Agar xxv^o die ApriHs Agnes Carre fiUa illegittim. Agnetis Carre xxv^ die April. Ana Sheales filia Johis. Sheales vijmo die Maii Jana Harwoodd filia Mathei Harwood ix die Maii Henricus Woodd filius Thome Woodd ixo die Maii Priamus Wilkinson filius Tho. Wilkinson cler. xxiijo die Maii Nicholaus Stringar filius Richi. Stringar xxvj^ die Maii Thomysina Rudd filia Willmi. Rudd primo die Junii Willmus. Farewether filius Tho. Farewether xiij*o die Junii Ana Franckland filia Georgii Franckland xxmo die Julii Johes. Lasie filius Thome Lasie xviij^^ die Julii Milo Wilson filius Wmi. Wilson viij^ die Augustii Tho. Turpyn filius Georgii Turpin xx™o Augustii Alicia Preston filia Johis. Preston x^^o die Octobris Elizabetha Joneson filia Georgii Joneson xvij die Octob. Alicia Hartus filia Ste. Hartus vij^^o (jje Novemb. Maria Franckland filia Wmi. Franckland vi]^ die Novemb. Alexander fili. Mulieris Pregrinae nono die Novembris Merialis Jowsey filia Robti. Jowsey xxj die Novemb. Joana. Rawlinge filia Robti. Rawlinge xij die Decembris Stephanus Franckland filius Ste. Franckland xxviij^ die Decemb. Maria Pearson filia Georgii Pearson primo die Januarii Willmus. Gierke filius W™i Gierke ij* (jje Februarii Maria Cartwright filia Johis. Cartwright ijdo die Feb. Anutiatio. Dni. vilt. 1586 Edmundus Sheales fil. Georgii Sheales xxvijmo die Martii Petrus Fentresse filius Wmi. Fentres xxvijmo die Martii Maria Suggette filia Robti. Suggette xxvijmo die Martii Agnes filia Wmi. Brantinga[m] iijtio die Aprilis Tho. Nellest filus. Richi. Nellest vto die Aprilis Elizabetha Fletcher filia Anthoii. Fletcher xmo die Aprilis Helena Thomson filia Robti. Thomson xxmo die April. Robtus. Dowson filius Ste. Dowson xxiiijto die Aprilis Tho. Bulma[n] filius Robti. Bulma[n] v*^ die Maii 2 Danby Register. Issabella Yonge filia Nicholai Yonge xv^ Maii Alicia Cawen filia Georgii Cawen xv^^ Maii Ana Harwoodd filia Robti. Harwoodd x^^ Junii Elizabetha Raynoldes filia Robti. Raynoldes xA^ij^^ Julii Richus. Hill filius Wmi. Hill xj Septembris Beatrix Ulliotte filia Anthonii Ulliott xij Octobris Johes. Dale fili. Thome Dale xiiijt^ Octobris Robtus. Agar filius Petri Agar xvj*^ Octobris ^Thomas Parker filius Johis. Pker xvj*^ Octob. Katherina Pavye filia Petri Pavye xviij^^^ Octob. Ana Scotte filia Johis. Scotte xxx*^ Octobris Margreta Campio[n] filia Thome Campio[n] iiij^^^ Decembris Johes, Colson filius Leonardi Colson xiij^^ Decembris Thomas Franckland filius Petri Franckland xx^^ Feb. Dorothea Hewardyne filia Raphi. Hewardyne xxiiij i\Iartii Anuntiatio Dni. viz. 1587 Henricus Chapma[n] filius Janae Chapma[n] xxv**^ Marcii Agnes Boyes filia Johis. Boyes ij Aprilis Robtus. Joneson filius Georgii Joneson ix*^ Aprilis Francisca Franckland filia Wmi. Franckland xiiij Aprilis Willmi. Fetherstone filius Thome Fetherstone xviij^^ Aprilis Georgius Franckland filius Johes. Frankland xj*^ Junii Elizabetha Cole filia Robti. Cole xvj^^ Junii Alicia May filia illegittima Catherinae May xxvij*^ Junii Alicia Fentres filia Wmi. Fentres xxiij*^ Julii Issabella Franckland filia Georgii Franckland xxx^i^ (?) Julii Willm. Fletcher filius Robti. Fletcher xv Augustii Jana Owston filia Johis. Owston ix^^ Septembris Alicia Harland filia Richi. Harland x*^ Septembris Ana Stringer filia Rici. Stringar xx*^ Augustii Ana Dale filia Anthonii Dale xvij**^ Septembris Georgius Boyes filius Johis. Boyes de Egton xxj Septem. Thomas Prudome filius Thome Prudome xv^^^ Octob. Agnes Foster filia Mulieris Prgrinje vij^^i Januarii Michaell Marshall filius Jacobi Marshall xxj^ Januarii Richus. Dune filius Francisci Dune xxij^^i Januarii Matheus Cowtus filius Barnardi Cowtus de Comondale xj*^ Feb. Anuntiatio Dni, viz. 1588 Maria Yonge filia Nicholaii Yonge xxvij*^ Marcii Johes. Fraunckland filius Georgii Franckland xiiij *^ Aprilis Willmus. Scotte filius Johis. Scotte xy^ Maii Elizabetha Hartus filia illegittima Janae Hartus viij*^ Maii Petrus Agar filius Georgii Agar xij*^ Maii Georgius Fletcher filius Johis. Fletcher xix*^ Maii Franciscus Harland fihus Johis. Harland xxij Maii Issabella Rudd filia Thome Rudd xxj Junii Robtus. Hardyn filia illegittimus Wmi, Hardyn xxx**i Junii Johes. Hartus filius Stephanii Hartus vijtii Julii Elizabetha Franckland filia Wmi, Franckland xj* Augustii Margreta Gatenbye filia Richi. Gatenbye xj^^ Augustii Baptisms, 1588-90. Richus. Dowson filius Stephanii Dowson xviij Augustii Johes. Hewet filius Johis. Hewet xviij Augustii Willmus. White filius Robti. White xviij Augustii Emota Cawen filia Henrici Cawe[n] j Septembris Thomas Watson fiHus Johis. Watson viij*^ Septe. Thomas Cawen fiUus Georgii Cawen ix^ Septemb. Petrus Lasye filius Thome Lasye vj Octobris Francisca Franckland filia Johis. Franckland xvj Decembris Thomas Morgaine filius Richi. Morgan xxij Decembris Thomas Farewether filius Petri Farewether primo Januarii Thomisina Turpin filia Georgii Turpin v^^^ Januarii Georgius Marshall filius Thome ]\Iarshall vj^h Januarii Margreta Jowsey filia Robti. Jowsey vij*^ Januarii Margeria Allanbye filia Jacobi Allanbie de Comondale vij^h Februarii Willm. Agar filius Petri Agar xi]^^ Februarii Thomas Fentres filius Henrici Fentres xvj Februarii Agnes Thompson filia Rowlandi Thompson secund. Marcii Jana Shento[n ?] filia Thome Shento[n ?] xiiij Marcii Cuthbertus Suggette filius Johis. Suggette xvij*^ Marcii Anutiatio. Dni. viz. 1589 Elizabetha Dale filia Thome Dale xxv^h Aprilis Johes. Cartwright filius Johis. Cartwright xxvij Aprilis Maria Harwood filia Mathei Harwood xj*^ Maii Margreta Suggette filia Robti. Suggette xx^^ Maii Thomisina Barughe filia Wmi. Barughe xxij Junii Filia illegittima Willmi. Anderson xxix Junii Johes. Dale filius Thome Dale vij^h Septembris Margreta Colson filia Leonardi Colson xiiij ^^^ Septemb. Margreta Fletcher filia Johis. Fletcher xij Octob. Thomas Franckland filius Petri Franckland xxix*^ OctoLris Johes. Nellest filius Richi. Nellest xix^^ Octobris Thomas Fletcher filius Robti. Fletcher xxx Nouemb. Ana Franckland filia Willmi. Franckland xiiij Decemb. Elizabetha Franckland filia Petri Franckland viij Februarii Richus. Sheales filius Georgii Sheales xiij^* Feb. Filius illegittimus Thome Smalwood xix^^^ Marcii Thomasina Suggette filia Johis. Suggette xxij^i^ Marcii Anutiatio. Dni. viz. 1590 Maria Prudome filia Thome Prudom.e xxix Marcii Petrus Dickson filius Willmi. Dickson v^^ Aprilis Agnes Watson filia Thome Watson xx^^^ Aprilis Georgius Joneson filius Georgii Joneson xvij*-^ Maii / Beatrix Woodd filia Jacobi Woodd xxj^^^ Maii • Thomas Carre filius Johis. Carre xix Junii Thomas Franckland filius Georgii Franckland v^^ Julii Agnes Rudd filia Willmi. Rudd xxiij Augustii Robtus. Marshall filius Thome Marshall xiij Septemb. Michaell Garbut filius Johis. Garbutt xxix Septemb. Robtus. Marshall filius Johis. Mshall iiij Octob. Thomas Harwoodd filius Mathei Harwood xxij Octob, 4 Danby Register. Richus. Yonge filius Nicholas Yonge xxx™o Novemb. Thomas Hodshon fiUus Raphi, Hodshon vij*^ Januar, Issabell Sanderson fiha Lawrencii Sanderson de Comondale 23 Janu. Petrus Franckland fiUus Johis. Franckland xxiij Januar, Johes. Laverock fiUus Petri Laverocke xxxj^^ Januar. Johes. Talier als. Batson filius illegittimus Petri Talier et Janae Batson 5 Feb. Alicea Wilson filia Johis. Wilson iiij^^i Marcii Alicea Dowson filia Stephani Dowson xiiij Marcii Nicholaus Hartus als. Chapma[n] filius illegittimus Tho. Hartus et Janse Chapma[n] 14 Mar. Annutiatio. Dni. viz. 1591 Agnes Hodshon filia Georgii Hodshon xxiiij Aprilis Agnes Fentres filia Henrici Fentres xxv*^ Aprilis Walterus Hodshon filius Bartholomei Hodshon ix*^ Maii Richus. Franckland filius Wmi. Franckland xx**^ Junii Jana filia ejusdem Wmi. Franckland xx^^^ Junii Maria Bowre filia Wmi. Bowre de Comondale 20 Junii Richus. Turpin filius Georgii Turpin xj*^ Julii Agnes Franckland filia Johis. Franckland x]^ Julii Beatrix Grainge filia Willmi. Grainge xx*^ Julii Georgius Cawen filius Georgii Cawen primo August. Willmus. Scotte filius Johes. Scotte viij*^ Augustii Elizabetha Laverocke filia Georgii Laverocke viij*^ Aug. Thomas Franckland filius Georgii Franckland xxi]^^ Aug. Agnes Mason filia Hugonis Mayson xxix^^ August. Elizabetha Hollens filia Oliveri HoUens xix^*^ Septemb. Xpoferus Talier filius Petri Talier xxvj Septemb. Ana Dale filia Thome Dale vij*^ Novembris Richus. Covdale filius Jacobi Covdale xxviij*^ Novemb. Maria Paule filia Francisci Paule xij^^ Decemb. Elizabetha Prudome filia Thome Prudome xxvij^^^ Decemb. Stephan. Gatenby filius Richi. Gatenbye ix*^ Januar. Jana Dale filia Anthonii Dale xvj Januar. Henricus Boyes filius Thome Boyes vj*^ Februar. Jana Franckland filia Petri Franckland vj^^ Februar. Willmus. Barughe filius Willmi, Barughe vj^^^ Februar. Ana. Stringer filia Richi. Stringer xiij Febr. Petrus Featherstone filius Thome Fetherston xx*^ Febr. /Issabella Woodd filia Jacobi Woodd xx^^ Februarii Elizab. Yonge als. Dune filia illegitt. Henric. Yonge et Janae Dune 5 Marcii Elizab. Colson filia Leonardi Colson xij Marcii Annutiatio. Dni. 1592 Thomas Franckland filius Johis. Franckland xxv Marcii Maria Fletcher filia Johis. Fletcher xxv^h Marcii Rosamonda Smeaton filia Thome Smeaton ijdo Aprilis Thomas Lasye filius Thome Lasye ix**^ Aprilis Richus. Thomson filius Rowlandi Thomson xxiij Aprilis Johes. Shepheard filius illeg. Francisci Shepheard xxx Aprilis Alicea Boyes filia Georgii Boyes primo Maii Baptisms, 1592-3. 5 Alicea Covdale filia Stephani Covdale iiij Maij Elizabetha Hill filia Edwardi Hill xxix^^ Maii Issabella Suggette filia Johis. Suggette xxix*^ Maii Mabella Thomson filia Robti. Thomson xj*^ Junii Jana Marshall filia Johis. Marshall xviij Junii Francis Marshall filius Thome M shall xxj Junii Alicea Yonge filia Tho. Yonge de Comondale 23 Junii Thomas Sheales filius Georgii Sheales vij**^ Julii Thomas Grindon filius Robti. Grindo[n] xvj*^ Julii Emota Cartwright filia Johis. Cartwright xxx*^ Julii Francis Batey filius Willmi. Batey xxx^^ Julii Elizabetha Graystocke filia Wmi. Graystocke vj^ August. Robtus, Franckland filius Johis. Franckland vj*^ August. Jana Morgan filia Richi. Morgan v]^^ August. Thomas Franckland filius Stephani Franckland xiij Aug. Alicia Franckland filia Stephani Franckland xiij Aug. Richus. Agar filius Johis. Agar xx^^^ Augustii Emotta Dale filia Johis. Dale xx^^ August. Aylse Heslewoodd filia Johis. Heslewoodd xxiiij Septem. Thomas Slater filius Thome Slater xviij Octob. Willmus. Watson filius Thome Watson xxiij Octobris Margreta Grainge filia Wmi. Grainge xxiij Octob. Thomas Suggette filius Robti. Suggette xxix Octob. Thomisina Hodshon filia Bartholomei Hodsho[n] vj Novemb. Merioles Atkinson fili[a] Raphi. Atkinson xw^^ Novemb. Agnes Franckland filia Georgii Franckland xix Novemb. Thomas Garbut filius Johis. Garbut xxiij Novemb. Thomisina Jowsey filia Robti. Jowsey xxxj^^ Decemb. Agnes Marshall filia Thome Marshall xiiij Januar. Lucea Pincknay filia Jacobi Pincknay xvj Januar. [blank] Scotte the daughter of Johis. Scotte xix*^ Feb. Jana Harland filia Johis. Harland iiij Marcii Meriales Howpe filia Georgii Howpe iiij Marcii Adam Wilson als. Smith filius illeg. W^i W. et Eliz. Smith 7 Marcii Willmus. Franckland filius Petri Franckland xj^i^ Marcii Anuntiatio Dni. viz. 1593 Jana Dale filia Johis. Dale xxv*^ Marcii Jana Thomson als. Rogers filia illeg. Wmi. Tho. et Janee Rogers 2 Aprilis Georgi Hollens als. Watson filius illeg. Tho. Hollens et Janae Watson 4 Ap. Willmus. Agar filius Rogeri Agar viij*^ Aprilis Raphus. Withome filius illegit. Johis. Withome et Agnet. Campio[n] yijjtii Aprilis Agnes Batson filia Lawrentii Batson de Comondale ix**^ Maii Alicea Laverocke filia Georgii Laverocke xx*^^ Maii Willmus. Boyes filius Jacobi Boyes xxiiij Maii Jana Dale filia Thome Dale xxiiij Maii Thomas Yonge filius Nicholai Yonge iij Junii Elizabetha Yonge filia Nicholaii Yonge iij Junii / Alicea Carre filia Johis, Carre iij Junii 6 Danby Register. Willmus. Marshall filius Jacobi Mshall v^^ Junii Myles Frankland filius Petri Frankland x*^ Junii Jana Foard filia Xpoferi Foard xxix*^ Junii Willmus. Joneson filius Georgii Joneson j™o Julii Thomas Campio[n] filius Thome Campio[n] viij Julii Thomas Wilson filius Robti. Wilson v^^ August. Petrus Coverdale filius Jacobi Coverdale xxiiij Aug. Thomyson Hodshon filia Georgii Hodshon j™o Octob. Mgreta Boyes filia Thome Boyes vi]^ Octob. Janetta Suggette filia Johis. Suggett xxviij Octob. Alicea Fletcher filia Robti. Fletcher xj^ii Novemb. Issabella Groystocke filia illeg. Raphi. Groystocke et Franciscae Agar 5 Dec. Jana Wilson filia Willmi. Wilson xxj*^^ Decemb. Petrus Franckland filius Johis. Franckland xxvij*^^ Junii Jana Fletcher filia Johis. Fletcher xxvij^^^ Junii Thomas Colson filius Leonardi Colson xvi]^^ Feb. Franciscus Turpin filius Georgii Turpin xvij^^ Feb. Elizabetha Wilson filia Johis. Wilson xvij*^ Feb. Emmotta Watson filia Georgii Watson xxvij^h Feb. Samuell Prudome filius Thome Prudome vj*^ Marcii Ana. Franckland filia Petri Franckland xx^^*^ Marcii Anntiatio. Dni. viz. 1594 Maria Marshall filia Johis. Marshall secundo Aprilis Jacobus Scowley filius illegittimus Johis. Scowley secundo Aprilis ^Elizabetha Woodd filia Jacobi Woodd iijo Maii Thomas Cowtus filius Stephani xij Maii Richus. Dale filius Thome Dale ix^^ Junii Johes. Pate filius Robti. Pate xiij Junii Elizabetha Sheales filia Georgii Sheales xvj Junii Aylse Swale filia Francisci Swale de Rosdale xxiij Junii Agnes Slee filia Raphi. Slee xiij Julii Thomas Covdale filius Stephani Covdale xiij Julii Thomas Hodshon filius Bartholomei Hodsho[n] xiiij Julii Franciscus Mead filius Johis. Mead xiiij Julii Johes. Stringar filius Richi. Stringar xxviij Julii Willmus. Laverocke filius Wmi. Laverocke xxiij Septemb. Nicholas Prisball filius Rogeri Prisball xxiij September Johis. Gatenbie filius Richi. Gatenbie xxix^^ Septemb. Margreta Boyes filia Georgii Boyes secundo Octobris Willmus. Fetherstone filius Thomse Fetherstone xj Octobris Maria (or Jana ?) Jowsey filia Robti. Jowsey xxix Novembris Richus. Boyes filius Jacobi Boyes xxj Novemb. Xpofer Thompson filius Rowlandi Thompson xxiiij Novemb. Ana Hill filia Edwardi Hill xxiij^^ Decemb. Johes. Dowson filius Richi. Dowson xxv*» day Decemb. Agnes Dale filia Thome Dale secundo Februar. Alicea Franckland filia Petri Franckland xj*^ Februar. Francisca Smith filia Raphi. Smith xiiij Februarii Ana. Holland filia Bartholomei Holland secundo Marcii Baptisms, 1594-7. 7 • Willmus. Atkinson filius Raphi. Atkinson ix*^ Marcii Elisabetha Coverdale filia Jacobi Covdale ix*^ Marcii Anutiatio. dni. viz. 1595 Agnes Thomson filia Robti. Thomson xxv^^^ Marcii Richus. Lasie filius Thome Lasey xxx*^ Marcii Robtus. Franckland filius Georgii Franckland xxj^b Aprilis Thomas Marshall filius Johis. Marshall xxv^ Maii Alicea Hewet filia Johis. Hewet xxij^^ Junii Mgreta Farewether filia illigittima Wmi. et Agnetis Fairwether xxij Junii Petrus Barughe filius Wi Barughe xxix^^ Junii Elizabetha Slaiter filia Thome Slaiter vj^^ Julii Maria Mason filia Hugonis Mason xiiij Septemb. Beatrix Watson filia Thome Watson xiiij Septemb. Jana Franckland filia Petri Franckland v*^ Novemb. Alicia Barker filia illig. Tho. Barker et Mabelle Scotte viij Decemb. Johes. Franckland filius Wmi. Franckland xxj^^^ Decemb. Agnes Bowre filia Wmi. Bowre de Comondale xxvij Febr. Jana Jowsey filia Robti. Jowsey iij Marcii Richus. Suggette filius Johis. Suggette xj^i Marcii Jana Boyes filia Thome Boyes xvij Marcii Anuntiatio Dni. viz. 1596 Alicia Dale filia Thome Dale xxviij*^ Marcii Thomas Harland filius Johis. Harland ix^^^ Aprilis Henricus Watson filius Georgii Watson secundo Maii ^larger ia Carre filia Johis. Carre ix^^ Maii Jana Chapma[n] filia Thome Chapma[n] xj*^ Maii Milo Harwoodd filius Thome Harwoodd xiiij ^^ Maii Jana Marshall filia Thome Marshall xxvij ™o Junii Georgius Agar filius illeg. Dorothese Agar iiij Julii Alicia Mshall filia Johis. Marshall xviij Julii Richus. Woodd filius Raphi. Woodd primo Augustii Johes. Hodshon filius Georgii Hodshon xiij Augustii Katherina Walker filia Johis. Walker xv^^ Septemb. Thomas Wilson filius Willmi. Wilson xix Septemb. Thomas Hartus filius Johis. Hartus xxvj Septemb. Agnes Harwood filia illeg. Agnetis Harwood xxvj Septemb. Stephanus Coverdale filius Stephani Coverdale x^^ Octob. Thomas Grainge filius Willmi. Grainge xviij Octobris Jana Colson filia Leonardi Colson xxiiij Octob. Elizabetha Joneson filia Georgii Joneson xxiiij Octob. Alicea Stringar filia Richi. Stringar xix Decemb. Brydgette Foard filia Xpoferi Foard xx* Decemb. Nathaniell Prudome filius Thome Prudome secundo Febr. Willmus. Franckland filius Richi. Franckland xxj^i Febr. Barnard Swale filius Francisi Swale de Rosdale vj^ Marcii Johes. Campio[n] filius Thome Campio[n] vj^^ Marcii Thomas Rogars filius Petri Rogers xx*^^ Marcii Anutiatio. dni. viz. 1597 Georgius Franckland filius Petri Franckland iij Aprilis Merialis Morgaine filia Richi. Morgan xxiiij Aprilis 8 Dan BY Register. Dorothea Hodshon filia Bartholomei Hodshon xxij Mail Elizabetha Boyes filia Georgii Boyes xxix Maii Johes. Agar filius Georgii Agar iij Junii Thomas Slee fiUus Raphi. Slee iij Junii EUzabetha Suggette fiha Robti. Suggette xij Junii EHzabetha Marshall filia Jacobi Mshall xvij^i^ Junii Johes. Graystocke filius Willmi. Graystocke xix Junii Johes. Agar filius Johis. Agar xvij Julii Stephanus Fletcher filius Robti. Fletcher vij* Augustii Issabella Snawdon filia Raphi. Snawdon vl]^^ Augustii Mabella Dale filia Thome Dale xxj^^ Septembris Jana Wilson filia Johis. Wilson xxv Septembris Xpofer Harwood filius Jacobi Harwoodd secundo Octob. Agnes Anderson als. Hues filia illeg. Wmi. Anderson et Eliz. Hues xxvj Octo. Xpoferus Foster filius Wmi. Foster de Rosdale xiij Novemb. Johes. Swale filius Johis. Swale de Rosdale xxvij*^ Decemb. Issabella Dixon filia Leondi Dixon de Comondale xv^^ Janu. Margreta Marshall filia Richi. Mshall xx^^ Februar. Elizabetha Nellest filia Petri Nellest xij Marcii Willmus. Thomson filius Johis. Thomson xvj Marc. Jana Huntley als. Postgate filia illeg. W^^ Postgate et Cicilise Huntley 19 Mar. Anutiatio. Dni. viz. 1598 Lucea Preston filia Thome Preston xxxj^t Marcii Valentine Richardson filius Stephani Richardson xvj April Johes. Agar filius Petri Agar xviij Aprilis Robt. Garbut filius Johis. Garbut xxiij^^ Aprilis Johes. Scotte filius Johis. Scotte primo Maii Johes. Watson filius Robti. Watson xiiij*^ Maii Mabella Day filia Thome Day xiiij Maii Jana Day filia Thome Day xiiij Maii Georgius Harwoodd filius Thome Harwood xxj Maii Petrus Harwoodd filius Thome Harwood xxviij Maii Jana Hodshon filia Bartho. Hodshon xj^^^ Junii Alicia Rogers filia Petri Rogers xxiij Julii Elizabetha Rudd filia Georgii Rudd xiij August. Anthonus Gatenbie filius Richi. Gatenbie xxvij*^ Aug. Georgius Hewet filius Johis. Hewet x*^ Septemb. Richus. Allin filius Daversi Allin xxiiij*^ Septemb. Wmus. Lasie filius Thome Lasie xxiiij*^ Septemb. Robtus. Allin filius Daversi Allin xxv^^ Septemb. Henricus Dale filius Thome Dale xv*^ Octobris Ana Mead filia Johis. Mead xv*^ Octobris Lucea Strrngar filia Richi. Stringar xxij Octob. Thomas Boyes filius Thome Boyes primo Novemb. Katherina Atkinson filia Barnuardi Atkinson xix**^ Novemb. Alicea Suggette filia Johis. Suggette iij Decembris Johes. Slee filius Raphi. Slee x^ Decembris Trystramus Jowsey filius Robti. Jowsey xvij Decemb. Baptisms, 1598- 1600. 9 Mabella Batson filia Lawrencii Batson de Comondale vij Janu. Psevallus Hill filius Thome Hill xxj Jan. Valentyne Stirtle filius Michaelis Stirtle xxviij Januar. Thomas Prudome filius Wmi. Prudome xxviij Januar. Georgius Watson filius Georgii Watson xxviij Januar. Alicea Rudd filia Georgii Rudd viij Februar. Elizabetha Hartus filia Johis. Hartus xxv^^^ Febrii. Maria Foard filia Xpoferi Foard vij^^ Marcii Richus. Atkinson filius Barnardi Atkinson xj^^ Marcii Mabella Marshall filia Thome M shall xviij**^ Marcii Alicea Colson filia Leonardi Colson xx^i^ Marcii Anuntiatio. Dni. viz. 1599 Robtus, Robinson filius Johis. Robinson xxv^^ Marcii Alicea Thompson filia Robti. Thomson viij^^ Aprilis Jana Coverdale filia Stephani Coverdale ix*^ Aprilis Alicea Marshall filia Thome Marshall xv^^^ Aprilis Georgius Hodshon filius Georgii Hodsho[n] xxv*^ Aprilis Jana Harland filia Richi. Harland xxix*^^ Aprilis Jana Bowma[n] filia Robti. Bowma[n] als. Kinge de Comondale 15 Maii Alicea Hill filia Anthonii Hill xvij^^ Maii Johes. Rogers filius Johis. als. Jenkyn Rogers xxj Maii Thomas Joneson filius Georgii Joneson x^^^ Junii Richus. Rey filius Richi. Rey x^^ Junii Ana. Franckland filia Richi. Franckland xxj^^ Junii Ana. W^alker filia Johis. Walker viij*^ Julii Xpoferus Dale filii^s Anthonii Dale v^^ August. Lucea Franckland filia Petri Franckland vi]^^ Aug. Willmus. Hodshon filius Thome Hodshon xix*^ Aug. Ana Talier filia Petri Talier xvj^^ Septemb. Thomas Talier filius Thome Talier xxj*^ Septemb. Petrus Harwoodd filius Jacobi Harwoodd v*^ Octob. Elizabetha Harwoodd filia Thome Harwoodd viij*^^ Octob. Robtus. Dickinson filius Johis. Dickinson xiiij^*^ Octob. Richus. Nellest filius Petri Nellest xxj^^i Octob. Jana Dai filia Thome Dai xxviij Octob. Jana Postgate filia Johis. Postgate x**^ November Alicea Wilson filia Willmi. Wilson xvij^ Novembr. Ana Swale filia Francisci Swale de Rosdale secundo Decembr. Thomas Marshall filius Richi. Mshall xxj*^ Decemb. Thomas Agar filius Johis. Agar xxxj^ Decemb. Margreta Dale filia Johis. Dale xxij*^ Februar, Ana Dale filia Thome Dale xvj^^ Marcii Johes. Thomson filius Johes. Thomson xvj Marcii Anutiatio. Dni, viz. 1600 Alicea Rudd filia Georgii Rudd xxx^*^ Marcii Alicea Suggette filia Robti. Suggette x^^^ Maii Thomas Jowsey filius Thome Jowsey xiij*^ Maii Alicea Prudome filia Thome Prudome xviij^^^ Maii Thomas Agar filius Walteri Agar xvij*^ Augustii Mgeria Kinge filia Robti. Kinge als. Bowma[nJ de Comondale xxiiij**! Augustii 16 Danby Register. Willmus. Garbut filius Johis. Garbut xiij^^o Septembris Jana Jowsey filia Tho. Jowsey de Comondale v^ Octobris Maria Jowsey filia Robti. Jowsey vij^ Februarii Thomas Rudd filius Georgii Rudd x*^ Februarii Petrus Harwood als. Laverock filius illeg. Jacobi Harwod et Jana Laverock xiij**^ Februarii Alicea Thomson als. Dixo[n] filia illeg. Wmi. Thomson et Janse Dixon xxjo Februarii Thomas Wilson filius Johis. Wilson xxijio Februarii Richus. Ray filius Mathei Ray xxviij*^^ Februarii Jana Boyes filia Georgii Boyes xxj^^^ Marcii Elizabetha Suggett filia Johis. Suggette xxij^h Marcii Anutiatio. Dni. viz. 1601 Willmus. Franckland filius Willmi. Franckland xxv*^ Marcii Franciscus Eshe filius Thome Eshe xxvjti^ Marcii Alicea Morgan filia Willmi. Morgan viij^ Aprilis Thomas Robinson filius Johis. Robinson xiiij^^ Aprilis Elizabetha Smithson filia Niniani Smithson y:ix^^ Aprilis Willmus. Hodshon filius Bartholomei Hodshon xvij*^ Maii Elizabetha Judson filia Richi. Judson xxiiij^^^ Maii Elizabetha Jowsey filia Johis. Jowsey xxiiij^^ Junii Margreta Agar filia Francisi Agar xi]^^ Julii Thomas Allen filius Daversi Allen xxvj^o die Julii Dorothea Harland filia Johis. Harland vij*^ die Augusti Agnes Hill filia Anthonii Hill xxj^h die Septembris Thomas Woodward filius Georgii Woodward xxix^^^ Septembris Raphe. Dowson filius Francisci Dowson de Comondale vj^o Octob. Agnes Harwood filia Jacobi Harwood xviij Octobris Beatrix Hunt filia Raphi. Hunt vij^^^ Novembris Richus. Webster als. Saunderson filius Cuthbti Webster als. S:;n. viij^o Novemb. Franciscus Rogers filia Petri Rogers xxix^^ Novemb. Johes. Boyes filius Thome Boyes vj*o Decembris Willmus. Colson filius Leonardi Colson xx^^o Decembris ]\Iargreta Postgate filia Johis. Postgate xxvj^o Decembris ]\Iaria Dowson filia Rogeri Dowson xxiiij^o Januarii Thomas Wyngod filius Magri. (Magistri) Wyngod xxix Januarii Thomas Franckland filius Richi. Franckland xo Februar. Ana. Agar filia Petri Agar xiiij^o Marcii Raphus. Benison filius Georgii Benison xxj Marcii Raphus. Franckland filius Petri Franckland xxv*o Marcii Agnes Hudshon filia Johis. Hudson xxv^ Marcii Anutiatio. Dni. viz. 1602 Jana Hodshon filia Georgii Hodshon xxviij^ Marcii Willmus. Rudd filius Nicholai Rudd xiiij* Marcii Elizabetha Corney filia Robti. Corney xxij^o Marcii Georgius Boyes filius Stephani Boyes xxv^* Marcii Henricus Franckland filius Petri Franckland xxx Marcii Richus. Hill filius Thome Hill xj™ Aprilis Georgius Dale filius Thome Dale xxiij*^ Maii Baptisms, 1602-3. *i Willmus, Garbut filius Richardi Garbut xj^o Julii Lawrentius Woodd filius Thome VVoodd xv^ Augustii Ana. Abram filia Francisci Abram xviij^ Octobris Jana Nellest filia Petri Nellest xxiiij*i Octobris Johanes Porret filius Anthonii Porret xxiiij^^ (? 28) Octobris Willmus. Dale filius Thome Dale xxxjio Octobris Richus. F