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Herpes Prodrome Symptoms What to Do

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Wondering if youre experiencing herpes prodrome symptoms? Herpes prodrome symptoms are the warning signs in your body of an impending outbreak. They can include tingling, pinching, itching sensations in the genital area or legs (for genital herpes, usually HSV-2). Some people experience prodrome symptoms with no outbreak taking place in other words, it doesnt develop into lesions or sores.

According to the CDCs website, prodromal symptoms can take place hours to days before any sores appear. They can include:

tingling or pinching sensations

shooting pains in the buttocks, legs, or groin

in some people,nerve pain in the leg

What to do for herpes prodrome symptoms?

These prodromal symptoms can serve as a good reminder to check in with everything you are doing that may be triggering for you and adjust accordingly. There are also things to avoid during the prodrome stage, as well as steps to take to ensure you get better faster.

These warning signs are a good indicator that, if you are in a sexual relationship (with aninformed partner, right?), you should take a break from sex. Thats because any warning signs of an outbreak mean the virus is becoming active and can become morecontagious.

Even if you arent having an outbreak and just these odd prodrome sensations, this can be a sign of viral shedding. Asymptomatic viral shedding refers to any periods in which there are no outward signs of an outbreak, like sores, but the virus is becoming active and capable of spreading to others. Read our detailed article aboutviral shedding rates here. Always practicesafe sexto keep your non-infected partner free of herpes.

And even if your partner and you both have herpes, the friction of sex can worsen prodromal symptoms and trigger the outbreak into taking place. And that would be uncomfortable and possibly completely avoidable.

This is also a good time to check in with yourself on your diet and outbreak triggers have you done something differently that may contribute to an outbreak? Common triggers are stress, excessarginine in the diet(almonds, chocolate), coffee, acidic foods, poornutrition for herpes management, or a weakened immune system (from poor diet or stress, for example).

It may be helpful to learn about arginine and lysine in foods, and why it is believed that balancing your diet out with more lysine can prevent outbreaks. Check out this handy chart oflysine-arginine rations in food here.

This is a good way to find problem areas and fix them. If you find the culprit, weed it out. Either way, now is a good time to improve your diet, relax with meditation, yoga, or soft music, and anything else that helps you personally.

If youre using Valtrex, acyclovir, or another prescribedantiviral, this could be a good time to start taking it. The sooner you start taking it at the first sign of symptoms, the more likely you are to stop the outbreak from happening or worsening. Of course, you should always seek your doctors advice about using medications or any alternative treatments.

Herpes prodrome symptoms can manifest differently for different people, and are sometimes hard to describe. Always be in tune with yourself to learn what the signs are, and what to avoid. Be proactive in your management of herpes outbreaks and symptoms. And check out our articles aboutdietandnatural remediesthat also help to ward off outbreaks. You may also be interested inoutbreak pain relief methods.

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What are the different types of sin?

Where resin crafting is more than a passion, it is an OBSESSION

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When it comes to resin, there are so many options!  Im going to go through the possibilities here with a list of their pros and cons.

All resins are a two part system, consisting of the base resin and the hardener (or catalyst).  By themselves, they are inert compounds, but when mixed, a chemical reaction occurs where they cure.

Pot time:  amount of time you have to work with the resin before it starts to cure.

Demolding time:is the amount of time after which you can remove the cured resin from its mold.  The demolding time is important if you want to pop the resin jewelry out of its mold in order to reuse the mold again without waiting for the piece to completely cure.

Cure time:  amount of time it takes the resin to completely cure.  If your resin is still goopy or sticky after the cure time, its not going to get any better.

Cost:  low to mid range  (especially cheaper if you use a polyester resin marketed for a commercial industry such as boats and vessels)

Safety:  can be dangerous.  very noxious smell.  must wear a respirator and work with a hood or in a well ventilated area.

Pros:  Cures to a very hard finish which can be sanded and buffed to achieve a shiny, clear surface. If the surface becomes scratched, that same surface can be polished once again. Pieces made from polyester can be bonded with more polyester resin to create larger pieces.

Cons:  Not UV light resistant.  Will eventually yellow with time.  Because it does cure very hard, polyester resin projects may break if dropped on a hard surface.

Cure time:  hours to days  Demolding time may be shorter.

Cost:  mid to upper range.  Epoxies get more expensive the clearer you want your finished casting.

Safety:  safe. wear gloves, improve ventilation.  respirator not needed

Pros:  Widely available.  Best all purpose resin

Cons:  Cannot be buffed.  Must be finished with an additional layer of resin or a resin sealer spray to get a glossy finish.

Cost:  mid to upper range.  Polyurethanes also get more expensive with an increase in clarity and for water clear versions.

Safety:  may be dangerous.  Some polyurethanes must be used with a respirator and ventilation hood.

Pros:  Some come with a very quick cure time (under 1 hour)

Cons:  Very moisture sensitive.  May not cure well in humid climates.  Some color addtives do not also work well if they are not specifically designed for polyurethane resin (may attract moisture).

Cost: mid to upper range, especially for water clear silicone

Pros: The perfect material for making molds for casting the other three resins above

Cons: Rubbery finish. Not suitable for jewelry

I use epoxy for everything unless I am trying to cast something larger that I want to have a shiny gloss finish. In that case, I use polyester because I can polish it on my buffing wheel instead of using the gloss sealer spray or coating with another layer of resin. If I lived in a less humid environment (like the desert), I would definitely do more with polyurethane resin as I suspect I could work with it without needing a dehumidifier. The silicone is strictly for mold making.  (You can see oursilicone molds for resinin theresin molds category.)  So now that you know a little more about the resins you can use for making jewelry and other resin crafts, dont forget to read our article onhow to make resin jewelry. You can also find all of ourjewelry quality resin in our resin category.

Unpublished Blog Posts of Resin Obsession, LLC © 2018 Resin Obsession, LLC

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filed under:Resin Frequently Asked Questions

There are a couple of resin bead making discussions on the jewelry making forum. Go to the forum, then look under the link How can I.. Scroll down the page, there are at least two as of now.

I would like to make some beads from resin. Is this possible and if so, which resin is best and how do you drill it?

Is it possible to get transparent resin opaque if you use pigments? Or do you first have to dye it white and then add pigments? The reason Im asking is because I need to cast parts for a doll and Id rather use transparent epoxy since its (as I understand) less toxic. However, Im getting worried that I wont be able to get it opaque enough. I was planning to use your skin toned pigments. Do I need to change my plan?

You can use a dye with an opaque white resin, or use an opaque dye with a clear resin. Either should work just as well.

Hi! How would I achieve a matte finish? and what type of resin works good with this?

To achieve a matte finish, you will want to sand your resin with wet/dry sandpaper while underwater. (You dont want to breathe in the dust.) Continue to sand with higher grits of sandpaper until you get the desired finish. Any kind of resin will have a nice matte finish when done this way.

To achieve a matte finish, you will want to sand your resin with wet/dry sandpaper while underwater. (You dont want to breathe in the dust.) Continue to sand with higher grits of sandpaper until you get the desired finish. Any kind of resin will have a nice matte finish when done this way.

What kind of resin do I use to apply swarovski crystals on conchos?

I probably wouldnt use a resin at all but would use something like our E-6000 product. dries much faster than resin and you can dab on just a little bit rather than mixing a batch of resin.

Im trying to make marbles with clovers in them. I do not own a respirator and live in a small house so I cant use polyester resin, the marble must be polished to a very high shin but preferably without a spay finish, and i would prefer that it can survive being dropped, oh and i also live in a very humid area, But! i have a dehydrator if i put the resin, mold and all, in there do you think that will work? it can be set to a lot of different temps. 95 degrees to 195. with a fan on the items constantly. should i go with the Polyurethanes resin id like to go no higher than mid range price. if you could email me hat would be great because my computer is giving be trouble so i may not be able to see this site for a month or two

I am going to encase a WW 2 casing and the actual bullet for a veteran this is very special and I want to make sure I use the correct resin,he was thinking acrylic but I want clear resin and I have to put his on his dog tags so I will need a t ring to attach it to his dog tags need expert advice here please

@Linda, this article should help you decide what kind of resin you should use for your project:

@Desiree, a polyurethane (making sure you use that dehydrator/dehumidifier) would be my choice of resin in this case. I dont have a lot of experience with polyurethanes, but I think that would be the best choice. Please be sure to be safe as well. You may need to wear a respirator.

Can I just say what a relief to come across someone who truly knows what theyre talking about on the web. You definitely know the best way to bring an concern to light and make it critical. Far more many people must read this and realize this side of the story. I cant believe youre not much more well known due to the fact you absolutely have the gift.

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You will find some fascinating points in time in this article but I dont know if I see all of them center to heart. There is certainly some validity but I will take hold opinion until I appear into it further. Fantastic post , thanks and we want much more! Added to FeedBurner too

What kind of resin used in the pics mentioned in the below link?

Unfortunately, I cant tell you just by looking at it.

Which resin is common to make pendants to embed objects? I would like to buy the resin from either Hobby Lobby or at Walmart if available. Secondly, could someone explain what Mod Podge is as it appears it can be used for many things..*confused*. Thank you!

Mod Podge is generally used in resin jewelry making to seal items before using in resin.

This article on our blog should help you choose a resin:

I am trying to make a bottle cap table. A lot of the articles day to use a resting, but never say what type or a recommended brand. Which resin would be best to use?

I would recommend the Envirotex lite for that project: works great in thin layers and is meant to be poured on.

Out off all that one would you say is the best to use for jewelry and general crafts?

It really depends on what youre trying to accomplish. If youre a beginner, start with an epoxy.

I am completely Fresher to resign jewelry making and i am very facinated to learn how to make can you please Help me where to start , hw to start , and other precoution to be taken while making resign jewelry.

I was surprised you didnt mention UV resin.

I would suggest starting with my Resin Jewelry Making book. can get a copy here on resinobsession and download it for immediate reading.

I want to put posts on my cabochon resins?Can i insert the post when its drying or do you suggest just waiting for it to dry then glueing posts with E6000?

@Cherry, I would recommending waiting until they cure then using e-6000

Hi, Im wanting to glue artificial plastic moss onto a plastic object then coat with a non glossy resin to seal and give durability. Can you recommend a type of resin that will brush on and serve this purpose easily ?

@Dave, Im afraid there isnt a good brush on resin. Its all meant to be poured.

I am new to resin and would like to encase smaller print/photos onto a table top roughly 20X36X4 having it clearly visible from both top and sides. What resin would best fit my need? Thanks for any input!

@John, I would suggest Envirotex Lite. Heres a reference

I imake paper quilling things. I wish not to use fevigums fivcols or lacquer or varnish cos i heard they do have some side effect.

I live in mumbai india and i have no idea where i can buy epoxy resins n am searching it for six onths.

Virgin resin user here Id like to pour clear resin over some DIY artwork I made on canvas. (Two 1620s and one much larger 5070). Any and all guidance appreciated! I live in San Francisco, which I suppose is humid, but not like what one would experience in Florida. Because Im prone to error and have no experience, Id prioritize ease of use over cost. Any thoughts on what product I should start with?

@Alexia, this video on our you tube channel should help:

@Amina, we ship resin to India, but it can sometimes take awhile.

Hello i live in England and I want to use resin to pour onto to canvas and coasters I Want a clear shiny result what one would you recommend. I am struggling to find at local stores.

@Saida, unfortunately, I dont have any recommendations for you. Envirotex Lite would be good for you to use, but I am unable to ship it to you in the UK.

@Jamie, I have never made any ear plugs, so Im afraid I cant offer you any advice.

I am going to make some ear plugs from silicone or polyurethane resin. Do you have any suggestions on how I can do this and what resin to use?

I need a product that is as light weight as possible for comfort in the ear.

Hi great website thanks. I have a very nice wooden tray I just purchased and would like to do the epoxy resin on the inside bottom of the tray and the 4 sides. how do I effectively do this b/c I am not able to just scrape it off? I will be using this outside and do not want water stains from glasses etc but dont want to place anything in the tray to take away from the appearance. please help!

@Kathie, I would suggest using the Alumilite Amazing Clear cast resin. each surface (you have five) one at a time, allowing each surface to cure before turning the tray to do the next one.

I want to make resin garden steps what resin would you recommend & where to buy?? Thanks

Hi Jan, Im curious as to why resin? In terms of durability, something like concrete may be preferable.

Brilliant post, really explains it all! I live in the UK and really want some resin spray but not sure where will post to UK. Any ideas?

Sadly, I dont. I get asked that a lot and havent found a good alternative for our international readers.

I have a friend trying to make beads with breast milk and resin. She made some beads and they quickly rotted or turned a nicotine color either because of the milk rotting or air exposure, any advice?

Hi Lisa, we have some discussions going on in our forum on this topic:

Hi Katherine, thank you for such a great site- I would like to make medium to large sized vases and small plant pots, what is the best resin to use?

Hi, Im new to this process and medium so I am yet to buy any materials including mouldy I nee. what I would like to achieve is something similar to the home ware pieces by

I am trying to inlay designs onto gourds. What resin would be best to use?

Here are a couple of blog posts that should help you make a decision:I realize after reading these you may have more questions. Feel free to read in our forum or start your own thread:

Do you have a book on this subject?B

What if you want to do a large surface? Say a counter or table top?

I like the Alumilite Amazing Clear cast resin.

I require a matte finish on my polyurethane resin potted in an aluminium profile kindly help

Go over it with a 400 to 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper after it has cured.

I purchased a box of Amazing Clear Cast to make some sea glass out of and Im kinda in a rush to get it done, so my question is can i use food coloring for the color in this stuff? Im hoping that i can use something that I have around the house for coloring. That or can i use candle or soap dye? TIA. Plus this is my first time using this product.

I have found that food coloring generally does not work well with resin. Here are some other ideas you can try:

How do you make resin that looks like plaster

The closest thing I can suggest is using some of our porcelain powder with your resin.

Hello, I just bought my first Bo staff from my dojo. All the Bo staffs look the same, except for the size, so we just all customize it. I was thinking about using glow-in-the dark resin and pour it into the shallow carvings for a cool look.

Keeping in mind this will be used for sparring, is there a resin type strong enough to withstand daily sparring sessions? Or should I look for another way to customize my Bo staff?

Also, if so, what kind of resin is acceptable to use?

What approximate size (length x width x depth) are the carvings? What is the staff made out of?

Im looking to use resin to coat artificial flower petals, could you please recommend a Resin? I do need them to be 3d and moulded into a shape, Im not sure if there is a resin that would be suitable for this?

Any of our doming resins should work for you. You can find out which ones are doming resins by the chart included with this blog post:

Which resin can I use as a substitute for nitrocellulose resin in shoe sole glue? I cant get nitrocellulose resin in the market

Im afraid Im not familiar with nitrocellulose resin and cannot make a recommendation for you.

what kind resin i use on my painting for clear warnish effect i live in india

I would suggest the MasterCast resin. You can find it here:

I am trying to make concrete jewelry as hoby. But I the thin details becomes very fragile. I try to mix the concrete with epoxy resin and it worked. Exept they dont look like att all like a concrete anymore. Do you have any suggestions how can I achieve to create objects by mixing resin and cement/concrete without losing the concrete effect? Is epoxy resin is the right kind?

I havent done a project like this, so I cant say whether or not mixing concrete and resin works well. Have you considered making the jewelry in concrete, then coating them with resin?

Thank you! I will try your tips, maybe it will solve the problem. 🙂

whats the right type of resin when I want to use it with my wood turnings ?

You need to use a polyurethane resin. It will withstand the heat and grinding of wood turning best.

which resin good for high temperature

What do you mean by high temperature?

my project was natural composites (Jute fiber) , but i didt find out the matrix for my project. which resin good for jute fiber

What are you trying to do with jute fibers and resin?

for finding mechanical, thermal properties and vibration analysis

I am from india and i need liquid diamonds resin will u ship

We dont sell a product called liquid diamonds resin.

I would like to make a beach scene on and Old window in a frame. I will be using shells and other materials I have found on the beach. What type of product would be used to pour once the items are glued on the window?

Hi Gail, we have a few discussions in our forum that should help you get started with this:

Epoxy safety warning: althought polyester has a really bad smell, your loungs can handle it and body disolves it in a short time. Story with the epoxy is very different it has no smell, but its fumes evaporate and chain with water in the air. With breathing it comes in to our lunges and because its cemical formula our body can not dissolve it. It stays in our loungs for a long time.

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Advice on what resin to use

Where resin crafting is more than a passion, it is an OBSESSION

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originally published August 2014.  Updated April 2018.

Lots of you have asked me what resin to use for resin jewelry and crafts.  Part of the fun of learning resin is experimenting with different items and finding what works for your specific situation.  I do understand, though, that it can be confusing and sometimes frustrating not knowing which product to use or using the wrong product for a project.  Today, Im going to walk you through the resin products I use WHEN and WHY.

Note:  These are my experiences.  Please use this article as a guide and feel free to share your experiences in the comment box below if something different has worked well for you.

If Im working with molds, and I need a clear casting, I like to use theResin Obsession super clear resin.  The super clear resin is designed for molds and also casts very clear.  The super clear resin also has its own line ofresin colorants, so its easy for me to color and cast the resin as well.

See how I used the super clear resin in thisresin petri earrings tutorial.

For doming resin projects, like using it in a bezel, I will use theAlumilite Amazing Clear cast epoxy resinorEnvirotex jewelry resin.  Both can be colored and have their owncolorantsas well.  The Alumilite Amazing clear cast also comes in handy for the times I need a food safe resin.

See how you can use a doming resin tomake resin rings.

If I am making something that can be a solid, opaque color, theAlumilite Amazing Casting resinworks well.  It is a quick cure polyurethane resin that cures opaque white, but can be colored with coordinatingliquid colorants also by Alumilitethat are specifically made for coloring polyurethane (and epoxy) resin.  It  also cures hard, making it a good choice for high impact items like rings.

You can see how I used it to make resin dice:

For the projects that need to have the brightest, shiniest surface possible, thats when I pull out theCastin Craft polyester resin.  This resin is hard enough when cured that it can be polished on a buffing wheel with compound.  I have found that is the best way to get a very glossy surface.  If you want to try polyester resin, read this article first:polyester resin facts.

I used polyester resin to make thisdoll parts bangle bracelet.

For the projects where I need a glossy surface on something,TotalCastorAlumilite Amazing Clear Cast resinworks well for this.  Both work well for creating a glossy surface no more than 1/8 inch thick.

You can see how I used Alumilite Amazing clear castresin to coat the surface of a tile.

If I only need to mold a small item, say 1 1/2 inches in diameter or less and not very thick, I will use theAlumilite Amazing mold putty.  Because you only have a limited amount of time to mix and form the putty around the model, I only like to use it for small items.  I will also use this if I want to cast a food item, as the mold putty is FDA designated food safe.  For larger items that you need to make a silicone mold from, any of the Alumilite silicones will work fine for flat items.

In the cases of casting larger items with lots of twists and turns (and subsequent undercuts), thehigh strength 3is the best choice.  Thehigh strength 2is the better choice if youre making a two part mold because the cured silicone will be stiffer.

If you are new to moldmaking altogether, theComposimold reusable molding materialis a great choice.  You can use the mold a couple of times, then remelt and pour again to make a new mold.  Great for those times when you make a mistake!  (and its food contact safe as well)

For plastic molds, theCastin Craft mold releasewill do just fine.  TheUltra 4 parafilm mold releaseis better suited to silicone molds.  ThePetrolease universal mold releaseworks on both, and for me, is my go to mold release all the time.  It may be overkill on the majority of plastic molds, but for deep molds, like the bangle bracelets and domes, I have found it makes demolding so much easier.

If youre making a two part silicone mold, or will be casting silicone into a silicone mold, theAlumilite rubber to rubber moldrelease is a good choice.

I preferliquid colorantsoverpowder colorantsif everything else is equal.  I find Im challenged with creating lumps with the powder sometimes, although this technique shown in a video on the Resin Obsession youtube channel works well to keep that from happening.How to mix powder pigments into resin.

For the times I want to get a glossy finish on a small surface, I will coat with another layer of the same resin I used to create the piece.  If its a large item, I will use theresin gloss sealer spray.  I like the wet to the look finish another layer of resin gives, but find it can be tedious to accomplish on a large surface, especially if it has multiple sides.  When I dont need a super glossy finish, but just need to shine it up a bit, I will use theNovus polishing compounds.  You can see the difference between all of them in this video on the Resin Obsession youtube channel.A comparison of different polishing options for resin charms and jewelry.

What else do you want to know on what resin to use?  What has worked for you?

Unpublished Blog Posts of Resin Obsession, LLC © 2018 Resin Obsession, LLC

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filed under:Resin Frequently Asked Questions

Tags:beginnermold makingpolishingresin castingtypes of resin

I just completed my first ever resin casts. I embedded plastic buttons into some of my moulds, the buttons have faded. Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening again?

@Amanda, glad to hear the super clear resin works so well for you!

@Sam, Ive never had that problem before with buttons in resin. I would suggest trying a different brand of buttons.

Great article, I have worked with both Super clear resin and Easy cast for the plastic molds. Hands down my first choice for a clear and quicker work time is Super Clear resin, with Easy cast I have to heat it up 8-10 minutes before use and some times has a yellow hue. As a working mom, I dont have much time, but its fun just sit down for a few seconds to pour your next great creation.

I LOVE working with resin. Still learning though. I poured a few pieces last night, and have a couple issues with one piece. I forgot to cover it while it hardened, and it looks like a small piece of link floated in 🙁 also, same piece, I put a little piece of dried lilac in the piece and part of it is still sticking out. Im not sure I can add more resin to cover it. My thought was to file or sand the resin and then pour another very thin coat of resin to fix it. Would that work? What should I use to file/sand the resin?? I used Ice Resin Thx!

@Joyce, this video on our you tube channel will show you hand to sand your piece down for another application of resin:

I have been working on some coasters for quite some time now. Im having problems finishing them after sanding them down. I currently have a smooth, but cloudy surface. I have tried using the resin gloss sealing spray, and also tried a thin layer of resin. The resin gloss spray was not very smooth feeling or glossy. The resin was too sticky for coaster use. Any suggestions on finishing coasters?

@Erin, were you using polyester resin by chance?

Unfortunately, I used the EasyCast epoxy. Which apparently is harder to polish??

@Erin, the Easy Cast epoxy is relatively soft resin and can be hard to polish. What is the finest grit sandpaper you finished with on the surface?

Clearly, I am new to the resin game :/ I used 400 grit and it made it smooth, but left the surface cloudy.

@Erin, 400 grit is still too coarse to get a shiny finish. Go over it again with 600, 800 and finish with at least 1000. You can get 1000 grit and higher sandpapers at automotive supply stores.

Thank you sooo much! I will definitely try that.

@Susan, will the resin surface be exposed to the elements?

I am very keen to make a resin screen with green leaves embedded in it to fit onto a window looking out onto an unattractive outdoor scene could you you advise me what resin to use? I saw this many years ago and have always remembered it.

Hi, I was wondering if you were aware of a way when casting a tarantula to avoid or minimize color loss. I plan on using easy craft resin.

@Shane, you should try sealing the tarantula with a layer of our resin gloss sealer spray first. You can find it here:

Hey, Katherine thank you for the quick response. I checked out the link and that sounds like it might just work. Im also going to cast in multiple thin layers to minimize heat so hopefully my beloved pet of ten years will stay as natural looking as possible. Thanks again for the quick response

I am hoping you will be able to answer my question. Ive searched on the Net and found nothing!

We have a glass patio table that we glued colored gems too and are going to apply resin for a clear finish. This table will be going outside so we need to know if it will need a sealer to protect it and which kind.

Thank you so much for your time and I really like your website and product lines!

@jane, I would suggest using a resin that can coat the table and is suitable for outdoor use.

Hi Katherine, thanks for being so dedicated to helping others. I have a few questions that I hope you can help me with.

Im in college and making a 2ftx8ft beer pong table topped with beer caps, but in order to ensure that the beer caps (each is .25 of an inch in height) are fully submerged, I plan to use 3 gallons of resin (the amount of resin per square footage calculates out to a height of about .30 of an inch). I was very fixed on buying 3 gallons of envirotex lite, but after reading some posts on your website Im having some reservations.

1.) Is the depth of resin Im shooting for too deep for envirotex lite? Should I be looking into a different brand or product perhaps?

2.) The table will have ping pong balls bouncing on it at times and will be exposed to wet conditions much of the time as well people that may scratch it with everyday objects. This makes me think that a poly resin may be the way to go, but Im not sure where that would put me price wise if Im looking for 3 gallons.

3.) If you still feel that envirotex lite is the avenue I should be exploring then where can I get the best price for the amount Im buying? The cheapest I can find ANYWHERE is a wholesale website online that sells a gallon at about $65 each and with shipping my total comes out to around $220 Im from Wisconsin and even with 50% coupons, craft stores cant come close to that. Thats a lot for a broke college kid though still.

Well thanks for any help you can offer me, I would GREATLY appreciate a response to any or all of my questions if you have time.

A total depth of 0.3 inches for the resin will be fine, you will simply need to pour it in two to three layers. The Envirotex Lite should be fine for the surface of the table and all you plan to do with it. By poly resin, do you mean polyester resin? If so, I would not recommend that for your table. It will be difficult to pour a surface that large and get bubbles out of polyester resin before it starts to cure. As for a better price, I dont know of another source for you. Sounds like you have done some intense price comparisons, and the prices you quote are what I would expect for a quantity that large.

I need a resin to use in rings that is scratch resistant, very clear, wont yellow over time, shiny and is doming. What do you recommend? Thank you, TK

HI Tara, I would recommend the Resin Obsession super clear resin.

I think it does well under normal wear.

I paint hard plastic phone cases and have been experimenting with getting the best varnish. Someone recommended resin to me and Ive been using Easy Cast. Ive followed the instructions to the letter but the end product is slightly tacky to the touch and does scratch a bit. Do you have any tips? Should I sand it? Or use different resin?

Hi Ruth, I would recommend reviewing these troubleshooting articles:

Hello, I am beginning a project of making shell rings for Christmas gifts. I am planning to use a bit of resin to fill the inside of scallop shell, then place a gold filled ring in the resin to keep the shell attached to it. I am just wondering if gold filled metal is appropriate to be using with resin and if there is anything I should be worried about using these materials together? Thank you, Tawny

Hi Tawny, gold filled rings will work well with resin.

Im not familiar with paperclay. Is it similar to polymer clay?

Hello, I have some dried pressed flowers from a funeral arrangement that I would like to embed in a flat circular mold with resin and make into a sun catcher. Im having trouble finding a circle resin mold that is big enough (Im thinking 8 in diameter). Can a regular silicone baking mold be used or any plastic? Ideally, I was hoping to find a thi. Bezel type of frame for it, but havent so having the edges be open resin is a compromise. I was thinking of trying the Castin Craft easy resin and using some test flowers since this will be my first resin project. Do you think Ill need the resin gloss sealer spray for this type of project? I am hoping to get everything I need beforehand. Thank you

Hi Jessica, you can use a silicone baking mold for this project, but the surface may come out frosted. You will likely either need to coat with another layer of resin or the resin gloss sealer spray to get a shiny finish.

Hi Katherine, I want to coat an antler carving of a dragonfly wing in resin. It is a curved surface and I am a relative newcomer to resins. Can it be done/ how would you suggest I proceed? I can send photos if it would be helpful (and if you tell me how). Thanks, Jim

Hi Jim, I would suggest using the techniques I talk about in this forum post: dont need to use a food safe resin, but a clear doming resin will be fine. This chart on our blog tells you which ones are doming resins:

Thanks, Katherine, Ill give it a try.

Where can get a supplier for plastic resins such as the polyethylene to use in DIY homemade rotomolding?

I am unaware of a supplier for that type of resin.

Katherine, is there a resin that can stand heat? I want to make coasters, but I know the people I give them to will put hot things on them, like coffee cups and possibly use them for trivets.

I would suggest a polyester resin. They can hold up to heat pretty well.

Hi Katherine, do you have suggestions/videos for ideas of how to create a kitchen counter surface using resin? This would be in a 1975 home with a laminate kitchen countertop. Id like to totally cover the laminate with a resin-based design. Is this possible without disassembling the counter?

Yes, you can do this. Two suggestions: 1. Make sure your counter is completely clean. After going over it with soap and water, I would go over it with rubbing alcohol to make sure there are no oil residues. 2. Create a tape dam around your counter edges before pouring. Once the resin has cured, you can peel the tape away.

Thank you! Im excited to do this! Is one type of resin recommended?

Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all resin. There is a PDF article link on this page that details all the resins we sell. should help you make a decision on the right resin for your project.

can you use any kind of paint with resin, either mixed into it or underneath or on top?

No. Sometimes oil paints do not work well.

So glad I found this thread. My granddaughter and I are drying Queen Annes lace and plan to make resin Christmas ornaments for gifts. Can you suggest links which might guide us in the right direction? Well need molds 3-4 in diameter. Although I make jewelry, Ive never worked with resin. Looking forward:)

Hi Barbara, First you will need to dry the flowers. There are some articles on that here: for molds, there should some good options at this link:

Thank you so much. I have been reading many posts here and its getting time to start experimentingmust search around to find the right size mold for these Queen Annes lace flowers.

Perfect. We are here to help if you need us.

Hi, Im working with broken china pieces to create jewelry. I noticed as I was smoothing the edges with a dremel tool, that the front of my piece of China got scratched. Id like to use something to seal or protect the surface if the China piece to prevent the design being scratched off. Would a resin work for that, and if so what kind would you recommend?

Yes, resin would work, but it will pool. You might find it thicker in your curved areas of the plate. The Alumilite Amazing Clear cast resin would work well for your project:

Hi. I make broken china mosaics. I have used resin on some of them and had good results. If I chose to leave the finish (sealed grout and china) without poured resin could I use the resin gloss sealing spray just to make the piece very shiney?

Hi.i am designing a table top of resin. I wana know which type of resin is best for it. I am using crushed glass in resin and also guide me with selecting the depth of the tabletop.

Hi Annie, the Alumilite Amazing clear cast epoxy would work well for this. You can find it here: will self-level to a depth of 1/8 inch. If you want a pour deeper than that, you will need to cast additional layers. There is a discussion in our forum about something similar that may be helpful to you as well:

This will be my first time using resin. What would be a good and easy resin to make clear (no yellow tint) coasters with embedded artificial flowers? The coasters will

be used for mostly cold drinks. Im using a silicone baking mold, and the coasters will have the dimensions of 3.5 x3.5 x 0.875.

The Resin Obsession super clear resin works great in molds. You can find it in several sizes here:

Im making jewelry with flowers in resin, but I made 2 that cracked, I made it in 2 parts the first day, I poured a small amount and added the flowers, so since the flowers rise to the top, I left it dry and the next day I poured more resin on top to cover completely but I noticed it cracked. I dont know why

What kind/brand of resin did you use? It sounds like it got too hot.

I made a bottle captable with a2 part epoxy resin.it came out fine but I had to mask it for some table painting and I couldnt get the tape residue off so I wet sanded it and now cant remove the cloudy finish. Ive tried auto polishing compound and furniture polish.to no avail. Please Help what can I use.?

It sounds like you ended with a coarse grit sandpaper. Continue sanding until you finish with a 1000 grit or higher.

Im trying to remove the cloudy finish on my epoxy resin table top left after wet sanding.please help.

It sounds like you ended with a coarse grit sandpaper. Continue sanding until you finish with a 1000 grit or higher.

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Enrollment in, or completion of the H&R Block Income Tax Course is neither an offer nor a guarantee of employment. Additional qualifications may be required. Enrollment restrictions apply. Book or other fees may also apply. Additional training may be required in MD and other states. This course is not intended for, nor open to any persons who are either currently employed by or seeking employment with any professional tax preparation company or organization other than H&R Block. During the course, should H&R Block learn of any students employment or intended employment with a competing professional tax preparation company or service, H&R Block reserves the right to immediately cancel the students enrollment. In the event of such cancellation, the student will not be entitled to a refund of any fees paid. Valid at participating locations only. Void where prohibited. H&R Block is an equal opportunity employer.

H&R Block is authorized for operation as a postsecondary education institution by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission. In order to view detailed job placement and graduation information on the programs offered by HRB, please visit click on the Authorized Institutions Data button.

H&R Block has been approved by the California Tax Education Council to offer The H&R Block Income Tax Course, course number 64136, which fulfills the 60-hour qualifying education requirement imposed by the State of California to become a tax preparer. A listing of additional requirements to register as a tax preparer may be obtained by contacting CTEC at P.O. Box 2890, Sacramento, CA 95812-2890; toll-free by phone at (877) 850-2832; or at

The course consists of 81 hours of instruction in Oregon and 88 hours of instruction in California

is a registered trademark of Apollo Group, Inc., in the United States and/or other countries. H&R Block does not automatically register hours with UOP. Students will need to contact UOP to request matriculation of credit. Additional fees may apply from the University of Phoenix

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